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There are a lot of trends happening when it comes to cabinetry. From sleek lines to unconventional materials and uses the trends when it comes to cabinetry is to expect the unexpected.
It seems like simple is coming back in style. Cabinet choices are becoming more traditional with nice clean lines and less hardware on them. Giving a kitchen a sleek look to them and a much bigger, cleaner appearance to them. You can always choose to add hardware at a later date and time, but clean slick looks are in.
Another trend popping up is a two-toned look to your cabinets. Gone are the days of just one paint color or scheme throughout. Now people are opting for one color for the solid base and a coordinating color for the trim around the cabinet. It is a trendy look and can add a little bit of character and color to the room without going overboard.
Cabinets that hide things are also popping up all over the place. No one really likes to see an exposed trash can. Now kitchens are being built so that you can hide the can away from sight and just pull it out when you need to use it. Also more and more cabinets have doors that are tilt-ins so that you can store things like linen or foils and wraps without taking up precious space inside the pantry or other cabinets.
There is also a new trend when it comes to countertops and backsplashes. Mixed matched materials that coordinate but aren’t the same or match. You can use granite on both your countertops but use a different pattern that go together without being too matchy. Another idea is just because you’re using granite on the countertops doesn’t mean you can’t use wood or tile as the backsplash. Break up what your eye will be drawn to as a focal point.
Built-ins are also becoming popular with cabinetry looks. People are asking for places to store things like coffee stations, perhaps a wet bar or even a built-in wine refrigerator. They tend to “hide” these stations while still making them accessible when you want or need them. There are even built-ins being created for pet needs. For example a pet bed hidden where a drawer was once housed. There are even examples of dog crates being built into cabinetry. Making room in other places instead of having a huge crate taking up space elsewhere.
Cabinets are also making room for our modern conveniences. Docking spots are becoming the norm in and around countertops and inside cabinets themselves. People are constantly needing to charge their phones, laptops and even tablets and now you can do so without having to dig around on where to place it. These are a few modern conveniences that are big selling points along with being trendy in today’s overall look.
Our design experts are always on point when it comes to the latest trends and styles. Let them come in and see what would work best for you and the layout of your home and kitchen. Call today to schedule your evaluation.