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Everyone knows about and gets into spring cleaning, but what about doing the same for fall?  Now is the perfect time of year to not only get yourself organized but get you house looking neat and tidy as well.

One of the perfect places to start getting yourself organized is in the kitchen.  The kitchen is one of the few places in your home that should always look neat and tidy and organization is key in that area also.  As we get older we don’t want to have to reach and stretch for things we use regularly.  We especially do not want to have to climb a step stool when it comes to reaching for something as simple as a plate or glass.  One of the best ways to start the organization process is to move your plates and bowls into a lower cabinet rather than store it above the countertops.

If you do not have enough cabinet space under your countertops to store your dishes why not try just limiting them to only the lowest shelf in your upper cabinets.  Try to store the things you use the most so that they are closest to you to avoid straining yourself or getting hurt.  Use your upper shelf for appliances, serving plates and other items that you perhaps use seasonally.  If they still require you to climb and strain to get to them at least you’re only using them occasionally and perhaps during those times there will be someone else present to help you get to them.

Go room by room in your house and look around and see what may be put away or perhaps donated to a charity.  People love their books and magazines, but piles laying around the house start to make your home look cluttered.  Go to a hobby shop, flea market or yard sale and buy wicker baskets you may find.  They do not have to match and you can decorate them with ribbon if you so desire.  Place those magazines and books in there rather than leaving them piled on floors, tables or countertops.  They will make the house more organized and still be available for you and your guests to enjoy.

Look through your closets.  This is the time of year to donate items and collect receipts for tax breaks.  Rule of thumb is if you have not worn it or touched it in more than a year perhaps it is time to get rid of it.  Getting rid of something doesn’t mean throwing it away.  Donate it to a charity or church so that someone can enjoy it as much as you did.  Remember, those donations will lead to a tax deduction for you so make sure you get a receipt.

If you still have stuff to store think smaller rather than larger when it comes to the storage containers.  Those large plastic containers can hold a lot but that also means they are VERY heavy.  They can sometimes break if they are too heavy and get moved around a lot.  Buy smaller boxes that can still be stacked neatly but will not be so heavy when you have to move or get into them.  If you have the space invest in a storage shed.  Put stuff in there that you don’t need to get into often and it will keep your garage or attic from becoming too cluttered.  If you have the money install closets in your garage.  They hide mess and clutter and keep things organized and safe, besides the fact that they add to the re-sale value of your home.

Keeping things neat and organized will keep you less stressed and enjoying your home.  Now that the weather is cooler it is the perfect time to use a little elbow grease and organize your house.