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Now is the time of year where a lot of people are entertaining guests.  A lot of those times you are cooking and people are sometimes seeing your home for the first time.  Why not welcome them into your home by showing your creative side and having a little bit of fun when you do it.

With Thanksgiving being one of the biggest holidays where people entertain guests, why not make your dining room table appear festive.  Pumpkins are not just for Halloween.  They are still in season so why not use them when you entertain.  Take a pumpkin and carve the lid off of it.  Hollow the pumpkin out and keep the lid near by.  This pumpkin now becomes one of the greatest serving platters.  You can fill the pumpkin with ice and place drinks inside to make an instant cooler.  You can even get more festive by using a pumpkin spiced beverage to make the point that it is the season to enjoy these flavors.  Maybe you’re making a soup.  If you have a bowl that will sit nicely inside the pumpkin place the bowl inside, pour some soup in and you now have a nice way of serving your guests.

Take advantage of the foliage that is falling around your house.  Perhaps there is twine that is coming from your trees.  Pretty wild flowers growing, maybe even some colorful leaves.  Gather these and tie them together nicely with the twine.  They now make a great decoration for a place setting.  If you have antique looking paper you can write your guest’s name on it and also place it within the setting.  Not only will it serve as a reminder on where the guest should sit, but it makes a nice parting gift for them as well that did not cost you a fortune to put together.

Maybe you’re not so good at putting together a place setting.  How about gathering up arrangements of flowers and placing them in nice vases for center pieces.  Then you may want to consider butcher or crafting paper and cutting in large enough to either serve as a runner or table cloth for your table.  Make sure the paper you are using is something you can write on.  The flowers and perhaps your plates will serve as the color for the setting and the “table cloth” can act as the marker for the guests.  In your best penmanship write the person’s name where you want them to sit and align their dishes to match where their names will go.  This is also a good idea if you are looking to decorate the children’s table.  They can entertain themselves over dinner by crafting and drawing while enjoying their meal.

If for some reason you don’t have a vase you enjoy, revisit the above idea with the pumpkin.  You can place an arrangement of flowers in them and still keep with the fall look and theme of the season.  None of these projects are costly, but with a little time and patience can really make your table stand out.  They will give your guests a feeling of being at home, which is exactly the feeling any good host would want to convey.