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Halloween can be a fun time of year to do up your home.  It makes the kids feel good to see all of the goblins, ghouls and witches floating around.  For the adults, depending on your taste level, it can also be visually appealing as well.  One of the best rooms to decorate for the Halloween holiday is the kitchen because your decorations can be both traditional and based with food.

One of the first places to start is the kitchen table.  Perhaps you want to table to have a sophisticated look to it.  White pumpkins may be the way to go.  You can find these in most craft or big box stores.  If available get a variety of sizes.  If you happen to find three large sized pumpkins get some paint and on each pumpkin paint letters such as “B,” “O,” “O.”  Those can act as the center piece to the table and you can add some splashes of color around them by buying the smaller varieties to surround the larger pumpkins.

You can also keep up the spooky theme if there is a chandelier hanging above the table.  Buy some of the fake spider webbing and stretch it from the chandelier to the center piece.  It’s an easy decoration that is easy to clean up afterwards.

In most cases the kitchen windows face the front of the home.  Add decals to your windows so that they can be seen from the street.  They make decals that glow in the dark which can add more effect at night when it gets dark.  If your window sill is deep enough place mini pumpkins along the window’s edge.  You can also use some of the fake spider web that you were using around your table and place it in the window as well.

Many people have decorative dish towels hanging in their kitchens.  Swap out your traditional ones for something that fits the season.  A lot of big box and discount stores sell novelty towels that you can place around your appliances.  They tend to have cute characters and messages on them and make for a simple and quick decoration.

Carved pumpkins.  These are the traditional symbols for the holiday.  This is a great project to do as a family.  Together you can sit down and create the scariest, or friendliest depending on your taste, pumpkins that you can proudly display.  There are stencil available to help give you creative ideas to carve into your pumpkin.  You can then place either traditional candles or electric votives to place inside.  The lighting adds ambiance to the room and in some cases the scare factor as well.

Since this is your kitchen using food that you find in the fall and by putting them on display you can keep the theme alive that this the place you want prepare and enjoy a meal in.  Some of the food, like the carved pumpkin, gives off the aroma of fall.  Not to mention in many stores carry the cinnamon infused pine cones that can be spread out in your work.

The kitchen is the place in your home where problems are solved and people tend to congregate.  Don’t overlook it when it comes to decorating it.  Use it as the focal point it is meant to be.