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When we think of decorating the front of our homes we think of lawn pieces.  Maybe it is planting a flower bed or bushes.  There is one area that is a prime decorating spot and that is our windows!  Here are some ideas to give your home a little flare and fun.

Window boxes are one way to add a little color and décor to the front of you home without spending a lot of money.  First you want to see what types of boxes and colors work best for the front of your home.  A popular choice are the wooden boxes, but you must take into consideration the type of climate you live in.  If you live in a rainy area that you need to make sure the boxes are treated properly to prevent any type of rotting.  The same can be said for environments where there is a lot of sun and heat.  Those conditions can also take a toll on the wood and you don’t want to risk your box breaking apart from the elements.

Fall is the perfect time of year to start this project because you have a lot to choose from without purchasing anything.  Meaning trees are losing their leaves, and in many cases their branches, which means that these become decorating options for you.  Some of the best window box fillers can be twigs, branches and leaves because they add color and texture to the overall look of the box.

If you want to go out and purchase some items to put in there there are some plants that make good fall plant decorations.  The first are mums.  Mums come in a variety of colors and are full looking plants.  They also are hearty plants that can survive the different weather elements that come with fall temperatures.

A lot of stores are also selling a variety of pumpkins and gourds that come in different shapes and sizes.  The miniature variety are nice to place in the boxes as well.  They add color and represent the season that we are in through at least November.  You can also purchase ivy that will continue to grow and will begin to cover the surface of the box.  If it grows at a rapid pace the ivy will cover the entire surface and will give the illusion the flowers are floating in thin air.

The important thing to remember is keep the colors fall like.  Lots of orange, yellow, green and in some cases even pink works.  Keep the colors looking vibrant and the box looking full.  If things begin to fade away add to the box with more items so the box retains its lush qualities.  The cost to do this is minimal and a handyman can help you get the box up and secure.

The look is simple but dresses your home up tremendously.  Giving you a bit of character and an opportunity to dress up your windows for years to come.