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It seems like the color of choice for this year has been gray.  Gray really is a color that can be dressed up or down.  Can be made to look traditional or contemporary.  For some, gray is just too drab for them and instead they want to use a paint color that showcases more of their personality.

When you think of paint you want to consider the fact that paint will not be changed out that often.  Paint is something that you tend to stick to for the life of your home or at the very least a few years.  So when picking a color think “timeless” and in many cases those colors can be historical in nature.  Look through old photographs and paintings.  What colors stick out to you?  Why are you drawn to them?   From there you can pick out colors for your home that fit the bill perfectly.

Some of the best colors that are classic colors for your home have deep hues to them.  Deep blue or red are timeless and work for several rooms.  You can use these colors to accent a room or perhaps paint the whole room in that shade.  The colors work well in places like living rooms, guest bathrooms/powder rooms and even bedrooms.  A darker, deeper color creates a tranquil space that enables you to relax.

Now historical colors do not always have to be dark or understated.  If you live in a sunnier climate, especially one by a beach, than you want to colors to reflect that environment.  Take a place like Charleston, South Carolina.  This is a city that is rich in history.  Part of that history entails colors.  There is a famous stretch along Charleston’s harbor that is famously known as “Rainbow Row.”  The name comes from the colors used on the beautiful historic homes in that area.  The colors have a significance to them.  These homes are/were some of the first homes seen by ships coming into port.  The bright homes reflected sunlight and welcomed the ships in and served as a guide to how close the shore actually was.  The colors also go deeper than that.  This was a culture that believed in spirits and the afterlife.  For many people the idea of a colorful home not only kept darker spirits away, but it reflected light for those who passed away.  This way loved ones in the afterlife could always spot their home.

Remember that color choice is also as important as where that color is placed.  You don’t want to detract from the dark wood accents or trim that may surround your room.  If you have great dark wood trim that keep your color tones that way.  If your room is bright and sunny than perhaps your paint should reflect this as well.

Paint is not something you want to make the “color of the moment.”  This is your home and this will be something that you do to it that you will live with for a while.  Make it a good strong choice.  If you need guidance on the paint colors that work well for you give us a call.  We’re happy to help.