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Republic West Home РOur History

In 1995, tired of the cold, snowy Midwestern winters, Howard and Linda Zimmerman moved their family and their business to Scottsdale, Arizona.  From day one, they chose to be the alternative solution in the marketplace. In an industry where ethics, honesty, morality and fairness tend to take a back seat to promises, lies and whatever it takes to get a signature on a contract, they set out to build a Scottsdale home improvement company that focused not only on the end result, but on the customer experience before, during and after completion of the home improvement project.

They opened their doors with one employee, a kitchen table and a fierce desire to change the way home improvement companies are viewed and the experience customers received. They sold and installed energy efficient windows and doors designed for their weather conditions in the Phoenix metropolitan area. As their initiative caught on and customers began referring other customers, their business grew. They knew that the only way to achieve their vision was with an operationally driven company that would not promise what it could not control and deliver.

So, they set up an extensive structure of professionals; driven by the notion of making the home improvement experience a great one. It has continued to be a resounding success with their customers who continued to do more work and refer Republic West Home to their friends and families. Today, 16 years from inception, Republic West Home never took its eye off of their vision: Creating the best home improvement experience possible, before, during and after the completion of the project.

Republic West Home is a full service home improvement company, specializing in energy efficient window and door replacement, siding, trim and kitchen remodeling including new cabinets or cabinet refacing. Customers will forever desire a pleasant home improvement experience, and as long as Republic West Home and its employees understand, believe in and continue to live its vision, customers will continue to seek us out and refer us to others. We believe we have the ultimate in staying power: a company built on exceptionally high business ethics, morality, standards and fair play, with quality of both products and installation a given.

Republic West Home has been honored to receive the Better Business Bureau Business Ethics Award three times. These honors are a testament to the validity of our vision and the culture we have instilled at Republic West Home.